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The most interesting introduction to ancient Greek I could possibly imagine. I think it's brilliant. And in case you need a little help in order to get the most out of it and not fall into the translating trap, I want to show you how I use the book to learn ancient Greek without stress or frustration. I firmly believe learning should be a pleasurable experience, not bitter medicine.
The first step is made. The course-book is excellent.
ATHENAZE: An Introduction to Ancient Greek
Maurice Balme and Gilbert Lawall
Oxford University Press
It's now up to us to use it properly and learn to read ancient Greek for meaning and enjoyment.


777h(suxa&zei e0n tw~| kh&pw|
77777qauma&zousa ta_ a!nqh

If this sentence doesn't appear in Greek letters, then you need a font called SPIonic. Provided you're running Windows you can download it right here and save it to disk.
I have programmed the self-executing zip-file so that, once you click on it, it offers to unzip itself into your C:\Windows\Fonts folder. If of course you've installed Windows in a different location under a different name you'll have to change the destination folder. Into the Fonts-folder it has to go. If after installing the font and refreshing your browser window, the letters on this page are still not Greek you may have to re-start Windows. Because the fonts in the font folder are initialized at boot-up, and Spionic wasn't present then, so might not be recognized yet. It should however already be accessible from word-processors and text-editors.

If you've got a Mac, you have to go to Rosetta and download the Mac SPIonic font from there. Or you can click here and download the font-file directly as I'm told. I have unfortunately no means of checking, since I do not have access to a Mac machine.